Termite Removal - Finding the Queen

A Termite Queen 4.5cm long

This Termite Queen is about 4.5-5cm long

A natural way of getting rid of termites it to remove their queen - the termite colony will die. No need for any poisonous chemicals! By removing all the queens on a plot the area can be kept free of termites for a long time. At any sign of termites, the new queen needs to be removed again. New queens form when they fly out in the rainy season.

Finding the queen in a termite colony requires some determination and can involve a lot of digging. Start digging at an active termite mound, following the tunnels until you find the core, where the queen resides.

The Mighty Termite Queen
Digging for the Termite Queen
Part of the Termite's Inner Nest
The Mighty Termite Queen
The Termite Queen Size




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