Paraglider Wing - NOVA Pheron S

Paraglider Wing - NOVA Pheron S

Paraglider Wing - NOVA Pheron S - MK400,000
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K400,000 available immediately, collection in Mulanje or postage by Malawi Posts Courier within Malawi at buyers expense and risk. This glider is a 2002 design, built in 2004 and well suited for beginners. It has a DHV-1 (beginners) certification. It was not used much and is in good condition. The fabric is still crispy. It was inspected in 2015 and passed all testing. Flight weight is 75-95kg (pilot weight about 60-80kg). The glider was recently purchased second hand for student training but not used and hence is made available for sale. This is only a wing. You will also require a harness to fly. A harness can be sold separately if needed. You will require training before flying this glider and it can be your companion for the training course. A different wing and harness also is available for a heavier pilot if needed.

The concept behind the new NOVA PHERON demonstrates a wing with a perfect combination of maximum performance, uncritical Extreme Flying Maneuvers and maximum fun. Because of its large cell widths and few suspension points, the NOVA PHERON has very few lines and thus associated parasitic drag, which, especially at high speed, gives it an excellent glide angle. The new wing tips ensure stable, straight flight and coordinated turns. The profile of the NOVA PHERON is computer calculated and selected from many variations. The best profile was selected. It excels with very high stability and amazingly high performance.

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