Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeeping Equipment - MK460,000
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This equipment comprises a number of hives and 3 live bee colonies. 2 NUC hives are available to catch new colonies during the swarming season. The traditional Top-Bar hives have been sourced locally, while the Langstroth Hives and frames have partly been imported and partly self built with proper woodworking equipment. Some hives have not been completed yet, due to lacking time constraints, they require varnishing and or painting. If you enjoy woodworking, you can build your own hives and frames for a top beekeeping experience. Further details and photos are available. The equipment is available immediately for collection in Mulanje.

Some of the equipment is used, while some is still new. Some of the frames and Supers are damaged and need to be repaired, while others still need to be assembled and built. If you would like to get started in Beekeeping this equipment is a good opportunity as it includes everything to get started and more, including 3 live bee colonies - one in a comfortable NUC hive, which can easily be relocated and transferred into a larger 10 frame hive to grow the colony. Once the bee colonies have grown and the first honey is ready for harvesting you will want to acquire a (manual) centrifuge, which is not included in this kit. Within a year you can start harvesting around 20kg of honey from each hive a number of times per year. Asking price is K460,000 - please make an offer you think is reasonable for this equipment.

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Beekeeping Equipment
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NUC Hive
Top Bar Hive
Top Bar Hive


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