Graphic Visualization

A Graph With micro controllers and sensors becoming very much accessible in everyday life and data connectivity and storage being more ubiqitous than ever it is becoming easier to collect and store numerous parameters to analyze long term trends. InfluxDB as a backend coupled with Grafana provides an impressive, yet simple out of the box solution to create wonderful graphs and other visualizations. InfluxDB is a database optimized for storing timeseries. Grafana is a powerful front end for visualizing data. It supports templating and and alerting making it a very powerful tool. The graph on the left shows the 12h moving average of Voltage (thick shaded lines) and Temperature (thin lines) relationship of 2 solar powered systems over a 7 day period.

Data can be exported to Excel or LibreOffice for further analysis or reporting. I use this setup to monitor computers, networking equipment, electronic equipment and more recently weather data. Such a setup can be used to provide a number of solutions:

  • Data Acquisition and Storage
  • Graphing and Visualization
  • Long term Trend Analysis
  • Data Analysis

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