Solar Pump Testing

Solar PV Modules Water Pump Testing A water pump test was performed to measure the system parameters: Solar Supply Current, Voltage and Power; Power Draw and water delivery of the water pump at varying head. With these tests we were able to confirm how the that the pump is performing and that under what conditions it would deliver be enough water for irrigating the farm. The resulting graph, shows water head against flow rate and power consumption. The pumping Efficiency can be calculated form these figures. In the photo a solar pump was tested to see how much water the system would deliver in a day for irrigation purposes. The solar modules were also tested to verify their correct performance. Pump testing can be done for different reasons. In this case there were no specifications available from the manufacturer / supplier and therefore the practical test was conducted. The results obtained are shown below. You can see that this is not a very efficient system, as it uses a simple DC motor. There are more efficient systems available using inverter driven AC motors, like the SQ-Flex from Grundfos.

  • During commissioning of an installation, to show that the system is delivering the correct amount of water.
  • To compare the pump performance with the commissioning results to get an idea of the wear and age of the pump.
  • To verify pump performance against manufacturers specifications.
Water Pump Testing