Mulanje Paragliding: Chisepo

Chisepo Launch

Launching From Chisepo Site, with Sapitwa in the Backdrop.

Chisepo Hut lies on the base of Sapitwa, on the north western side of Mulanje Massive. There is a suitable para launch site is close to the hut, about 10min walk from the hut. The site is about 30m long and 20 m wide, covered in lumpy grass. It has a slop to the north and requires a nice breeze for a successful launch. At the end of the grassy patch are some rocks and rough terrain, unsuitable for a landing. With some wind the site is fairly straight forward to use, but can probably get tricky without or only slight wind.


The site is either accessed via the Elefants head path (about 3h to Thuchila Hut and a good 2.5h from Thuchila Hut). The Suicide path offers a more direct route (about 4h), but as the name implies, it is not for the faint hearted. Starting point for both paths is Thuchila Estate (log cabins at the end of the road, what used to be known as Otto's).


The best landing area is one of the fields or roads on Thuchila Estate. keep clear of the 33kV power line crossing one of the fields! Land on one of the roads, if the fields are planted - don't damage the crops. Be ready for a bunch of kids welcoming you on landing. Don't give them sweets, money, pens or anything else as they will only get more excited.

Flight Experience

No turbulence was experienced during the launch, but there were no updraughts either. On the test day, it was fairly cloudy and a stable atmosphere, but it was possible to reach Thuchile Estate main gate (with a 5:1 glide ratio) only just. No ridge soaring was possible after launch or along the way and only some occasional lift was encountered along the way. Given the relative difficult accessibility of the site and the unspectacular soaring experience it may not be your first choice.

Name Chisepo
Coordinates S15.93177; E35.58705
Elevation 2190m
Difficulty Medium
Landing Thuchila Estate 750m
Chisepo Launch Site Aerial View
Chisepo Launch Site
Chisepo Launch Site
Launching - Sapitwa in the Background
Shortly After Launch
Mountain Peaks to the East of Thuchila Valley
A Cliff on the Western Edge of Thuchila Valley - Chambe In the Distance
In Flight - Chambe to the Left
Looking Up at Elefant's Head
The Upper End of Thuchila Estate
The Landing Zone at Thuchila Estate

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